Long-Term Missions

Long-Term volunteers offer vital long-term relationship building efforts that result in changed lives. Without the service of Long-Term volunteers, our impact for good would indeed diminish. It takes people with a special commitment, sincere hearts, and out of this world—love, forgiveness, & patience—to serve the needs of the children here for extended periods of time. If you have interest in Long-Term Missions, contact us. We will answer any questions we can. Many of us L-Ter’s have asked the same questions.


  1. Who qualifies?
    After contacting us, volunteers can either decide to commit to specific parts of Agora or they can decide to fill out applications for our full-time spots. [Click for Application]
  2. What Can I Do?
    There are many things that Long-Term volunteers can do. Depending on the God-given gifts you have and the passion you have to use them, you may find yourself doing anything. Some of us assist Agora on a weekly basis, commiting ourselves to a few specific tasks. Some of us assist Agora on a project basis, working in teams to complete irregular tasks. But our most important work is the care of the children.
  3. What do I do next?
    Contact us with persistence and grace.

Be prepared with personal references such as a pastor or community service organization supervisor we can telephone.