Group Trips

Group trips include Weekend Witness, Half Week, and Week-long Urban Immersion. While Weekend Witness has difficult time constraints, we include more with Half Week and Week-long Urban Immersion. While we are flexible with scheduling, visiting groups need to keep in mind that the weekend ministry is essential for the best mission experience for your group.


  1. What kind of group qualifies?
    Any kind of group is welcome to come and serve for a day or evening that has similar interests and values.
    Common groups that visit include:

    • Home groups
    • Inter-generational groups
    • youth groups
    • service groups
  2. When can I bring my group?
    Individuals need to inquire with a few possible dates in mind. It is well advised to stay away from holiday weekends. Also, check out the calendar page to see what is available.
  3. What can I expect for my group?
    Your group will be treated with care and unconditional love, just as youth here are treated. The staff will encourage each group member to participate in activities that will have personally enriching results.
  4. What kind of activities?
    • Work projects
    • “In the community” service activity
    • Participation in church ministries
      • Wednesday evening Kid’s Club
      • Saturday evening Kid’s Church
    • Fun learning activities about cross-cultural urban youth outreach.
    • Spiritual development sessions which challenge and yet respect each groups’ particular faith character. (Specific application of presentation is to be processed with the group’s attending leadership.)
  5. What do I do next?
    Contact us with persistence and grace.
    Be prepared with personal references such as a pastor or community service organization supervisor we can telephone.

Get more information. Ask questions.