Serventhood takes individuals willing to give of themselves.  And while Agora ministries works diligently to serve those in the community here, success is achieved when those receiving become part of those actively engaged in the serving.  Our two expeditions work cooperatively to encourage individuals to become servants together with others in the church.

M.C. USA Youth Convention Expedition

Agora attempts to take the high school youth to The Youth Convention, attending Nashville, Atlanta, and Raleigh most recently.  Our youth discover that those choosing to serve Jesus Christ as a life choice does not leave them alone.  Worshipping and getting together with thousands of the young people of the larger church, they discover fun and sensible. The memories become life-long encouragements towards discipleship.

The Disaster Service Expedition

2008 was not a youth convention year.  In February, we gathered twenty-eight individuals that were a mix of youth and adult volunteers.  We also worked in six different crews, spread out among the different construction sites at Pass Christian Mississippi.  MDS continues to rebuild people houses lost in hurricane Katrina.  Crews visited with the new homeowners as they labored at foundation, framing, drywall, and finish work.  We had the privilege of participating in a home dedication service at the end of the week.  While a lot of work was done, even in the face of swarming and annoying stinging guests, it was wonderful to see everyone discover the joy of serventhood.