Donated autos are made available to the young adults who have matured through the “I Want a Better Life” program.  As they progress, it becomes necessary for them to have transportation to become productive and dependable in the job market.

Auto Donation Process

  1. Contact us with your intentions.  Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number, and email address.
  2. Fill out top half of the back of the title. Please do not forget to include odometer reading and appropriately have the title notarized.
  3. Arrange for pick-up or delivery of vehicle.

Donation Recognition

For tax deduction purposes, you will receive a form that identifies the amount you can use for the value of your contribution.  You will receive this upon the sale of your donated vehicle (as required by state law).  If the car is made available for program use, you will receive “blue book” value.  If it is sold to the general public, it wll be valued at the amount for which it is sold.